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[Mixpanel x Ticketmaster] Case study về nền tảng booking giải trí


Ticketmaster, the world’s leading ticketing company and top ten eCommerce site, delivers 480 million tickets to fans in 28 countries. To service its portfolio of venues, artists, and promoters, the entertainment platform built Ticketmaster ONE, a suite of B2B products. This platform allows clients to manage events, create and execute effective marketing, and view sales and attendance reporting


One of Ticketmaster ONE’s B2B applications is FanBuilder, a tool that finds, targets, and converts more customers. FanBuilder gives clients segmented data that provides valuable insights into what makes for an effective digital marketing campaign. Tapping into Mixpanel, Christopher Vezzuto, Senior Software Engineer at Ticketmaster wanted to measure FanBuilder’s adoption and get granular insight into the application.

Some of the most valuable information that I get from Mixpanel comes from the peaks and valleys in the data. Christopher VezzutoSenior Software Engineer at Ticketmaster


Different from its eCommerce marketplace, Ticketmaster ONE’s product owners measure and build the platform like a business-to-business SaaS solution.

To understand its wide array of clients, Ticketmaster ONE implemented Mixpanel’s user analytics across all its business applications. The FanBuilder team has its own dedicated dashboards, which they use to measure the performance of the product and inform what they share with the executive team. “Ultimately we care about driving engagement, adoption, and increasing usage over time,” Christopher said.

Insights, Funnels, and Retention help the FanBuilder team understand engagement by user type and company so they can retain and grow the most profitable venues, artists, and promoters.

In addition, Ticketmaster ONE is able to help its customer-facing teams become more data-driven by connecting Salesforce data with Mixpanel, driving a better customer experience.


Spotting points of improvement in the product

“One of the most powerful things we track is any and all error cases that occur within FanBuilder,” Christopher said. “For example, if someone tries to export fan information to Facebook, or do whatever we allow in the tool, and the user only gets halfway through the process and receives an error, we’re able to measure and analyze those cases in Mixpanel.”

It’s also an opportunity to automate certain types of analysis with Machine Learning, saving time and engineering resources to focus on solving larger and more strategic problems. “Some of the most valuable information that I get from Mixpanel comes from the peaks and valleys in the data. If a user performs the same action 50 times in a row, there is probably something we can automate or improve,” Christopher continued.

Inspiring suggested audiences

When someone builds a campaign within FanBuilder, they have the option of employing the segmentation tool so that marketers can drive more ticket sales by targeting specific audiences. “For example, if a venue wants to drive attendees to its upcoming Metallica show, then a venue’s marketer would target the people who attended the latest concerts featuring metal bands, and get even more specific by selecting individual artists like, Ozzy Osbourne.”

“Using a data-driven development strategy, our team uses Mixpanel to find insightful usage trends,” continued Christopher. “Now, we can more easily recognize the strengths and weaknesses of our product and continue to deliver a great experience to our clients.”

Informed by insights found in Mixpanel, Suggested Audiences allows Ticketmaster ONE’s clients to query across all Ticketmaster data so that they can reach more relevant concert-goers. “According to some data we’ve collected, a large reason people don’t buy specific events relevant to them is that they don’t know about them.”

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