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Do you know the internet is the biggest source of content consume by your audience ? 

Digital Media Solutions


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LAP- LAVA Audience Platform

(operation & Tech Hub: Ho Chi Minh City)

  • Online Media Buying Strategy

  • Programmatic Advertising Services (DV360) 

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media ( Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin)

  • SEO / SEM

AKADIGITAL Digital Media Services 

HQ : Singapore


LAVA - Influencer Network

( Leading Content Creator Network, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia ) 

  • Social media Activation (Facebook, IG, TikTok, Youtube)

  • Influencers Marketing ( Content Creators Network)

  • Leading KOL Network, Vietnam.

  • premium TikTok partner , Vietnam

  • Premium Spotify Partner, Vietnam . 


Oracle Salesforce certified, CRM Cloud

( Regional HUB: Singapore )

  • Customer Relationships Management

  • CRM digital marketing

  • Salesforce certifified

Digital Media Advertising Platform
(LAP - LAVA Audience Platform) 

Our proprietary advertising platform utilise Industry leading data-driven advertising technology and programmatic media buying solution connected to global marketplace of publishers, apps developers and advertisers to deliver audience connections. 


Reach out to our local media sales team, and experienced the powerful LAVA Audience Platform (LAP)  

Premium Inventory

Access to premium online publishers on 30+ major exchange partners and top-tier internet publishers to assure quality inventory and brand safety you can trust.

Audience Data and Reach

Precise targeting with audience data build-up and extensive reach to local & global marketplace.

Precise Targeting
Acquire effective control on advertising performance with data-driven predictive modelling and highly relevant audience segments based on format, time, interests, devices, geography, demographics, etc.

Tracking & Analysis

Enable tracking ad delivery with cross-device tracking and re-targeting with advance monitoring & analysis for effective performance data. 

SEO & SEM services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process taken to raise a website's position on the search results page, boosting visibility. Enable customise local and global SEO solutions to drive performance and website ranking

Creative Ad Formats 

Efficient High Impact Creative.

Use our proprietary LAVA ad platform to build and showcase epic design to match multiple platforms and formats.

  • Image ads 

  • Video ads 

  • Story ads

  • Interactive ads 

  • Gamify Ads

  • Social Cards ads 

  • Conversational ads

  • Shoppable ads

Ad Formats

Social Hub Marketing

Find the Right Influencers
Leading content creator network

Our content creator marketplace is designed to connect brands with content creators from different channels and media such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook in order to deliver brand messages and drive conversions. Complemented with powerful influencer marketing tools, we make successful collaboration possible.

Connect with us to learn more.



  • We built meaningful partnerships to deliver full funnel performance-based digital advertising campaigns since 2009 , with our Ad Tech partners:

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