Do you know the internet is the biggest source of content consume by your audience ? 

Access premium Quality Publishers to drive recomendations on thousands of local and global channels on the right devices.

Advertising Strategy 

Our expertise in delivering smart cross channels solutions with industry leading predictive engine to drive performance. We employ proven strategies by matchmaking you with premium global, regional or local publishers, and combining with valuable information about your audiences, so you can deliver the ROI. 


Media Buying 

(Publishers) marketplace

Optimisation for  Branding & Leads Engagement

Cross Screens information to unify targeting across devices.

Remarketing (Cross -device tracking)

Ad Reach & Frequency Capping 


Why Us?

The platform utilise Industry leading programmatic buying solution with automated platform connected to Ad exchange, SSPs, direct publishers networks and private marketplace.  Expertise in established methods of acquiring the right ad impressions, facilitates rapid and precise ad buying decisons with omni-channel media strategy to mitigate waste, deliver higher ad viewability, and effective response for advertisers.

Premium Inventory

A leading performance digital marketing platfrom with premium local Advertising network service for mobile & online marketplace. Access to premium publishers directly via local ad network service and connect to global international inventories via programmatic advertising media on 30+ major exchange partners and top-tier internet publishers to assure quality inventory and brand safety you can trust.

Audience at Scale

Extensive reach locally with access to digital audience ( web or mobile ) targeted at top local properties or global publishers. 

Precise Targeting 

Acquire effective control on delivering the right ad relevant to target audiences  through predictive modeling and highly accurate audience segments based on format, time, interests, geography, demographics, and 1st or 3rd party data.

Tracking & Analysis

Enable tracking ad delivery with cross-device tracking and re-targeting with advance monitoring & analysis for effective performance data. 



Partners Network

  • Established since 2009, leading local premium ad network platform for mobile & online advertising and connecting with high value premium publishers & Advertisers in local Market. 

  • Focus on South East Asia emerging digital growth markets, with extensive background in crafting useful digital solutions across all channels and devices for brands performance. Backgrounds in Branding, media partnerships, Programmatic science and Ad tech. We built meaningful partnerships to deliver full funnel performance-based digital advertising campaigns. Some of our partners :

Ad Formats 

Available across Mobile, Tablets  & Desktop :

Display Ads Engagement

  • Supports IAB formats and popular sizes: 

Immersive VIDEO Experience

  • 4 key video formats : 

    • IN-STREAM , 

    • IN-FEED, 



Native Ads Content Discovery

  • Content Marketing across premium channels

Interactive Rich Media Engagement 

  • Engaging interactive ad formats that delivers


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